Dreams Turn Into Reality ✨

Hey Glam Babes, My name is Arionna and before I give a short brief insight on who I am and why I started Glam2bgorgeous first and for most I want to thank God and all my supporters! I'm 25 years old, a mother, and reside in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I've always been so deep in the world of beauty, growing up I wanted to be a cosmetologist and open my own shop. Although I did not fall through with that plan, I have a passion for makeup and one day I told myself I'm gonna start my own cosmetic business. In 2018, I met a couple small business owners, one with a all natural skincare line and the other with a clothing brand. I shared my ideas to them, they helped with opinions on my brand name and my very first logo. Both inspired me to put my ideas in motion and make things happen! After a whole year of researching, learning, planning, observing other entrepreneurs and taking advice. I finally launched Glam2bGorgeous in November 2019, started off selling lingerie, lip gloss, lip scrub, and necklaces locally then transferred to e-commerce January 2020. My business has grown tremendously faster than I thought it would and I cant thank each customer and supporter enough! I love each and every one of you! Thank You!!!! ❤💋


CEO, Arionna 👑

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